NEWSFLASH:  The Calamari Productions YouTube Channel is now over  4.7 MILLION VIEWS!

Emmy Award-winning Calamari Productions has been producing TV series, independent films and educational video content within the closed confines of Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare environments for nearly two decades.  This highly sensitive access has been granted by the high courts in the states where we work, after we established and maintained a reputation for inspiring positive outcomes for at-risk kids and families.  


The Indiana Supreme Court weighs in on our upcoming film, Children of the Dumping Ground:  "It is a documentary of the highest quality by one of the very best in the industry.  We believe it can serve as the impetus for meaningful discussions and real action."  - Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush

Thanks to The Chronicle of Social Change for highlighting Calamari in this edition of the Magazine:

We're proud to acknowledge Calamari Productions Advisory Board member Scott Anderson (author, war correspondent and veteran journalist) for his extraordinary reporting on the refugee crisis in this NY Times article:

COMING SOON: Our new Digital Video Platform poised to radically change the way students learn, trainers train and viewers consume our exclusive content!

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