NEWSFLASH:  The Calamari Productions / Indiana University Institute for Juvenile Court & Corrections Research has LAUNCHED!

And… Our YouTube Channel surpasses 5 MILLION views

Calamari Productions is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA where the Emmy Award-winning company specializes in TV series, independent films and educational video content.  After two decades of award-winning programming from inside the closed confines of Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare environments, the year ahead brings all new stories, new digital frontiers and exciting new partnerships on the horizon.


We're proud to be a part of the ABC Nightline Diane Sawyer Special  "Hidden America: Inside Rikers Island" that aired on 5/20/16:

And, our exclusive ABC Nightline 2-part story on the "Elkhart 4" (2/17/16):

Special shout out to Calamari Advisory Board member Scott Anderson for his extraordinary reporting in this FULL edition of NY Times Magazine:


  Watch Young Kids, Hard Time Online:  


Watch Young Kids, Hard Time Online: