NEWSFLASH:  The Calamari Productions YouTube Channel Hits 4 MILLION VIEWS!

Calamari Productions has been producing TV documentaries, independent films and educational video content within the closed confines of Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare environments for 17 years.  This highly sensitive access has been granted by the high courts in the states where we work, after we established and maintained a reputation for inspiring positive outcomes for at-risk kids and families.  


Our work with author, war correspondent and veteran journalist Scott Anderson (NY Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Esquire, GQ) continues with an extraordinary project illuminating the mind-bending journey of Greg Ousley, sentenced at age 14 to 60 years in adult prison.  After 22 years behind bars, Greg is about to enter a surreal new world.  This is one documentary series you won't want to miss.

COMING SUMMER, 2015: "Children of the Dumping Ground."  Our 5-year journey following 14-year old Justin, a boy with an IQ of 40 who becomes a prison orphan, culminates with the premiere of this wrenching and inspirational documentary.  We're proud to call PACERS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT one of our champion sponsors for this incredible film. 

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