Juvenile Justice Slipping Through the Cracks?

By Zach Schalk & Chip Warren
June 30, 2010
 1:31 p.m. CDT

The Obama administration has had many triumphs in the past year and a half.  In her piece in the Huffington Post, Jacqueline Caster points out that the administration must be careful to not let juvenile justice policy slip through the cracks:

It's time to see some true White House leadership for these at risk youth who, without proper support and guidance, are not only failing to receive the help they need, but simultaneously and unnecessarily putting our communities at risk from both a public safety and a fiscal perspective.

Obviously, Obama has had a full plate of crises ever since stepping into office.  But the societal costs of our nation’s juvenile justice status quo—either monetary or otherwise—are too great to ignore.  

We at Calamari are big proponents of front end investment among at-risk populations as a preventative, but changing governmental and social institutions is no easy matter.  We'd love to hear your thoughts: how do we begin to shift our attention at the legislative and policy level to the front-end, where issues such as sound parenting, maternal health, and early childhood development can be addressed before kids become prey to developmental deficits?  Share your thoughts or examples of success in the comments section. 

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