The Issues: Juvenile Life Without Parole

By Chip Warren 
July 05, 2010 3:25 p.m. CDT

The issue of juveniles serving life without parole is one that we have been following closely at Calamari.  Advocates often say that the practice is reserved for "the worst of the worst" among juvenile offenders.  A closer look at the individuals who are serving life sentences for crimes committed as a juveniles turns up stories that defy that rhetoric.

Frontline did a great piece that demonstrates the complicated realities surrounding the issue, and how certain idiosyncrasies in state law can land a child in prison for life under very questionable circumstances.  You can watch it online here.

Recently the Supreme Court ruled that a juvenile cannot be sentenced to life without parole unless he or she committed murder.  To hear an in-depth discussion of the Supreme Court decision, you can listen to this recent episode of the NPR program, Talk of The Nation.

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