Calamari: In Development 

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Miami Judge

Sit in on court with Jeri Beth Cohen as she works to help families with the fight of a lifetime.

Format: Daily Syndicated or 6x60

3-2-1 Parole

Get to know the kids of maximum security prison as they work their way through the levels to end up at their Parole hearing.

Format: 6x60

American Juvie

Format: 6x or 8x60

Young Kids, Hard Time

Go inside the world of young kids sentenced to the adult prison system. 

Format: 6x60

Meet Val

Show Concepts:
Shop Your House
Beverly Hills On A Budget

Download the Shop Your House Pitch

Download the Beverly Hills on a Budget Pitch


My Lake Cottage

A dream home real estate show focusing on luxurious lakefront homes, with a formulaic twist! 

Format: 13x30

Download the Pitch Document

Feature Documentaries and Mini-Series



Rikers Island Juvenile