Children of The Dumping Ground 

How does a little boy with an IQ of 40, no parents, no family, no guardian and no legal counsel end up in maximum-security juvenile prison?  It's not as uncommon as you might think.  Calamari Productions brings you the moving, 7-year journey of Justin, a prison orphan who had no voice and no future … until now.  COMING SOON.  

ABC News Nightline: "The Elkhart 4." 

Some mistakes you can never take back - and can have deadly consequences. Four teenagers and their young adult friend from Elkhart County, Indiana found this out the hard way.  Now, one is dead, and lives have been changed forever. Calamari Productions and ABC News follow this case for two years—all the way to the Indiana Supreme Court—where the breathtaking outcomes change the lives of everyone involved in this story.:


Murder In Enchanted Hills

A two-part series in our continuing coverage of the cases of 12-year old Paul Gingerich and 14-year old Colt Lundy, retracing the path that led them to that fateful day when they took the life of Colt's stepfather.  Though both boys were sentenced to the same 30-year adult prison sentence, Paul's path kept him in the juvenile system while Colt landed behind adult prison walls. The show scored record consolidated ratings for the True Stories strand with 2.6 million viewers.  



12-Year-Old Lifer

Our continuing coverage of the cases of Paul Gingerich and Colt Lundy, tracing how their lives are different after the Department of Correction elected to keep Paul in the juvenile system in spite of the judge's order that he be remanded to the adult system.  This film includes Paul's unprecedented appeal in the Indiana Appellate Court.



Never are the stakes higher for kids going through the juvenile justice system than when they go before the juvenile parole board.  The months of rehabilitation, the ups and downs, the conflicts and the resolutions, all add up to whether or not the kids are ready to rejoin society.  This special takes viewers inside Pendleton Juvenile Prison to get to know the kids who are struggling to do the right thing and get their lives back on track. 


Young Kids, Hard Time

Young Kids, Hard Time is an extraordinary series from Calamari Productions that throws back the veil on the reality of young kids serving long sentences behind adult prison walls. With sweeping access to go inside the maximum security Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Carlisle, Indiana--the only adult prison in the state of Indiana that houses kids sentenced as adults--Young Kids, Hard Time reveals what life is like for young kids staring down decades behind bars. Narrated by Rick Springfield. 


Cradle To Jail

From the confines of America's juvenile detention facilities to the razor wire of juvenile prison to the heart pounding juvenile courtroom hearings where everything is on the line, Cradle To Jail explores where juvenile crime begins, how it evolves, and what's at stake for kids, families and professionals in the system.  13-episode series.


Lake County Juvenile Justice

Winner of the Gracie Allen Award for Outstanding TV series & a Clarion Award for Outstanding Documentary Series  From the confines of America's juvenile detention facilities to the razor wire of juvenile prison to the heart pounding juvenile courtroom hearings where everything is on the line, Lake County Juvenile Justice explores where juvenile crime begins, how it evolves, and what's at stake for kids, families and professionals in the system. 

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MTV Juvies 

What happens when otherwise good kids have a run-in with the law? Every young person who has ever driven too fast, drank too much, or left a party right before the cops came will relate to the gritty new documentary series Juvies. Welcome to the Lake Country Juvenile Center, where first-time offenders wait to discover their fates. With unprecedented access, the shows follow their day-to-day life in the center and in court--where it is up to one judge to decide their future.



Inside Pendleton Juvenile Prison

Pendleton is the last stop in Indiana for young offenders who have committed serious crimes. Unlike adult prisons, staff here must deal with impulsive teen behavior that can escalate without warning.  With extraordinary access where cameras are usually prohibited, Pendleton Juvenile takes cameras inside one of America's largest maximum security juvenile prisons to document the daily lives and struggles of nearly 400 teen boys work toward rehabilitation and a future free of crime.

Inside Teen Lockdown

For the first time ever, we document life inside America's largest maximum security juvenile prison. From the kids in the segregation unit to the drama-filled days with prison guards and staff, what we document a world normally unseen to the outside world. 


For Their Own Good

For Their Own Good chronicles the wrenching decisions Indianapolis Chief Juvenile Judge James Payne must make from the bench as he presides over the largest juvenile jurisdiction in the state of Indiana.  From horrific cases of child abuse and neglect to crimes committed by very young teens, this primetime NBC special leaves no stone unturned as viewers witness kids and families in turmoil, while judges and child welfare experts struggle to do what's in the best interest of the children.


In The Child's Best Interest

Winner of the prestigious national Edward R. Murrow Award, Emmy Awards and a National Headliner Award.
When victimized children turn victimizers themselves, juvenile court is likely to be their next destination. Calamari Productions and NBC News take viewers on an unprecedented journey with families in turmoil in this gripping documentary.  In The Child's Best Interest sheds light on the juvenile justice system and juvenile courts which are--by law--closed to the media and the public. Courtroom footage reveals the intense proceedings in which judges must shape the futures of children and parents alike, while therapists, child welfare caseworkers, foster parents, and staff members from assistance organizations agonize over the decisions they must make on behalf of the children.



Kids In Crisis

When is it too soon for child welfare case workers to remove a child from his home or too late to protect that child from harm?  This is the scenario that caseworkers faced as they set out to remove two young boys from their home in the middle of the night, following accusations of physical abuse by a stepsister.  With extraordinary access to take cameras inside America's child welfare system, Kids In Crisis is the first known documentation of caseworkers performing an emergency removal of children from their home, and the two year ordeal the family endures following the removal.


In A Child's Best Interest

On the heels of the Award-winning success of In THE Child's Best Interest, this 2-hour NBC/MSNBC primetime special follows 5 new cases through the child welfare system, chronicling stories involving cocaine-positive infants, educational neglect, teen pregnancy, child abuse and domestic violence.  Winner of the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism and the American Professional Society of Abuse of Children Outstanding Media Award.



Washington Wives

This critically acclaimed 2-hour documentary on A&E profiles a two-year journey chronicling life on the inside of the presidential campaign trail with the spouses of the 2004 presidential nominees and the key staff that make critical decisions behind the scenes. 


No Place For A Child

A 2-hour Documentary Special following five children over seven years through the child welfare system.