Karen and Larry Grau officially launched Calamari Productions in 1998, after a decade of journalism and education policy experience.  President and Executive Producer Karen Grau  brings 25 years of broadcast experience to all Calamari projects.  Her career also includes three years as Deputy Legislative Director to former Indiana Governor Evan Bayh, where her work included analyzing the content and fiscal impact of legislation drafted by state agencies under the jurisdiction of the Governor's office.  Karen also assisted in writing three State of the State addresses.  In 2014, Karen was named a Knight Foundation Fellow in Ethics at Washington & Lee University.  

Larry Grau served as Senior Education Policy Executive to former Indiana Governor Frank O'Bannon, where he drafted and directed several major initiatives enacted into law, including creating a stakeholders' education roundtable, a statewide comprehensive education accountability system, establishing the state's first alternative education program, and creating Indiana's initial early education reading diagnostic policies and programs.   

Calamari Productions remains the only production company in the United States with state Supreme Court access allowing documentary cameras inside child welfare juvenile courts, venues that are—by law—closed to the media and the public.  Calamari has turned that trust and extraordinary camera access into unprecedented, award-winning documentary series and video content used around the globe, from television outlets and networks such as ABC, NBC, MSNBC, A&E, MTV, Dateline NBC, Hulu, Nightline, Good Morning America, 20/20, Court TV, PBS, Bio and Channel 4 (UK), to universities and state governments around the country. Calamari video content is used for education and training purposes in over 14 countries, 200 universities, 25 Policy and Advocacy organizations and 85 state government agencies and facilities.  

Director / Editor Rick Kent:  Rick brings mountains of experience and award-winning talent to the Calamari team.  From projects for HBO, Showtime, MSNBC, Comedy Central, Sundance Channel and The Annenberg Foundation, Rick has supplied directing and editing braun to Calamari films and TV series for nearly 20 years.

Director of Photography Piers Bath:  Piers has managed to bring breathtaking beauty to dozens of Calamari documentaries and films, even when he's confined to filming inside America's most difficult prisons.  Simply put, there's no one we want running the show and directing Calamari production teams in the field more than Piers! 

Production Assistant Chandler Grau:  The youngest member of the 'Squid' family is also the coolest!  Chandler began his work at Calamari in 2017 and has brought fresh ideas, insights and amazing creativity in his photography and videography for the company.  He also handles all digital media for Calamari and Calamari Educational--something we 'old' geezers are happy to leave in his capable hands! 


  Rockin '  the Devil T-Shirt & Red Ball tennies in Mishawaka, IN. Where it all began...

Rockin' the Devil T-Shirt & Red Ball tennies in Mishawaka, IN. Where it all began...