About Calamari

Emmy Award-winning Calamari Productions, based in Los Angeles, specializes in TV series, independent films and digital content distribution. Calamari’s exclusive footage from inside arenas that are otherwise closed to all media and the general public is made possible via special waivers granted by Supreme Courts of the states in which the footage is captured. 

Calamari has turned this trust and extraordinary camera access into unprecedented, award-winning documentary series and video content used around the globe, from television outlets and networks such as ABC, NBC, MSNBC, A&E, MTV, Dateline NBC, Hulu, Nightline, Good Morning America, 20/20, Court TV, PBS, Bio and Channel 4 (UK), to universities, state governments and advocacy organizations around the globe.

After two decades of award-winning programming, the year ahead brings all new stories, new digital frontiers and exciting new partnerships on the horizon.